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Screenshots illustrating features of MabiCommerce:

Main Interface Window

Main Interface.PNG

Feature List

  1. Server Selection Most of the time, this can be left on "Auto", but if you're experiencing difficulties, try changing it to your server.
  2. Town Selection Set this to the town you're currently at to display items sold at that town.
  3. Merchant Rating Set this to your current merchant rating at the current town. This will filter out items that you can't buy yet.
  4. Item Display Shows items being sold at the current town. Clicking on an item displays the profit information in window 5.
  5. Current Profits Displays the profit (or loss) you'd gain per unit by selling the selected item to the corresponding town. Red text indicates a profit, blue text a loss. You should change these numbers to match the ones displayed in Mabinogi.
  6. Available Transportation Select your available modes of transportation here.
  7. Route Transportation Shows the transportation mode of the route selected in 9.
  8. Weight Utilization Shows the amount of weight your cargo will consume.
  9. Route Display Shows the result of each Item/Town/Transportation combination, organized so the highest profit (in terms of Ducats/Second) is on top.
    1. Why sort by Ducats/Second? Ducats/Second allows us to factor in the distance between towns as well as the speed boost of the transportation mode, thereby maximizing your overall profit.
    2. The following information is displayed for each route:
      • Destination Town
      • Profit/Second
      • Item Name
      • Quantity Bought
      • Transportation Mode
      • Total Profit
      • Total Time (real world) to reach the destination town.
  10. Calculate Preforms the route calculations on the supplied data and places the results in 9.
  11. Map It! Opens the Map window for the route selected in 9.

Because of the volume of information displayed in 9, it wouldn't fit onto one screenshot. Therefore, the window was scrolled to the right and the following screenshot taken.
Main Interface Scrolled.PNG

Map It! Window



  1. Ducats Spent This is the actual total cost you paid for your load (NOT including your potential profit)
  2. Update Map Recolors the map based on new numbers input into 1
  3. Key Shows the colors used to denote various levels of bandits on the map.
  4. Map Shows the optimal route to follow, along with what bandit levels you're likely to meet. For example, in the screenshot (Alchemy Crystals from Taillteann to Bangor), you'll find Hardened bandits in Taillteann, changing to Veteran as you approach Dunbarton, and finally Master bandits as you approach Bangor. Yikes!

Web Interface

More information to come

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